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    It’s snow joke working at The Hub

    24 February 2020 It’s snow joke working at The Hub

    Were you unfortunate to be sitting in your car or on public transport this morning trying to battle the elements of the snow and ice? Were you late for work?
    The first dumping of snow this year brought chaos on our roads this morning and it looks like this could just be the start of it!
    Did it cross your mind while sitting in your car to Newcastle, Team Valley or Durham, I wish I worked closer. Well… you could!
    The Hub is located less than two minutes off the A1 and A1231 and we currently have three offices available. Units 1, 14 and 15 are currently available, ideal for 3-4 person businesses.
    For more details, please visit our website at http://www.thehubwashington.co.uk/services.html
    Just think, next time the snow comes and the roads are gridlock, you could be sitting at your desk with a nice warm cup of tea rather than sitting stuck in the car!
    Give us a call and book a visit today 0191 338 5166.